USA STUDENT VISA F1,  F1 visa denied

If you want to study in USA from Nigeria  or other African country, don't waste your time and money.

USA  Is currently  using visa to enrich her economy and indirectly stealing from Africans.

Only one percent of  F1 visa  applicants  from Nigeria gets visa.

You waste the following money.

1. Application fee , non refundable , you may even apply for 3 schools

2 Sevis fund. Non refundable.

3. GRE.  Non refundable

4 deposit

5. Visa fees , non refundable

6 TOEFL. Non refundable

At the end, you may spend up to N3million.

You can only get visa if  

1. Embassy know the person sponsoring you , like governor, minister,  Kings etc They don't mind if the person is corrupt.

2.  Your fund is below  $10,000  after scholarship deducted with strong home tie

3. Full scholarship with strong home tie.

You can't use loan, you will be denied.

In my presence all 8 applicants for F1 visa were denied at 11AM in my interview day.

Be warned !!!


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