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List of Universities in Turkmenistan

Dovletmamed Azady Turkmen National Institute of World Languages       FOLLOW

Institute of Engineering, Transport and Communications of Turkmenistan FOLLOW

Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan      FOLLOW

Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan (2019)   FOLLOW

International University of Humanities and Development    FOLLOW

Magtymguly Turkmen State University         FOLLOW

Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory       FOLLOW

Myrat Garryyev Turkmen State Medical University  FOLLOW

Oguz Khan University of Engineering Technologies FOLLOW

S.A. Niyazov Turkmen Agricultural University         FOLLOW

Seyitnazar Seydi Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute (Turkmenabat)         FOLLOW

State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan       FOLLOW

Turkmen Institute of Finance        FOLLOW

Turkmen State Agricultural Institute (Dashoguz)      FOLLOW

Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction   FOLLOW

Turkmen State Institute of Culture    FOLLOW

Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management      FOLLOW

Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports        FOLLOW

Turkmen State Power Engineering Institute (Mary)  FOLLOW

Turkmenistan Presidential Academy of Government Service           FOLLOW

Yagshygeldi Kakayev International Oil and Gas University FOLLOW

Balkan Medical School                 FOLLOW

Turkmenbashi Marine Secondary Vocational School            FOLLOW

Gurbansoltan Eje Dashoguz Medical School             FOLLOW

Indira Gandhi Ashgabat Medical School       FOLLOW

Turkmenabat Medical School       FOLLOW

Ahal Province Special School of Art  FOLLOW

Balkan Province Special School of Art          FOLLOW

Lebap Province Special School of Art           FOLLOW

Magtymguly Garlyyev Dashoguz Special School of Art       FOLLOW

Danatar Ovezov Turkmen State Special School of Music     FOLLOW

Yolaman Hummayev Mary Special School of Music FOLLOW

Aman Kekilov Pedagogical School    FOLLOW

Beki Seytakov Pedagogical School    FOLLOW

Hydyr Deryayev Pedagogical School            FOLLOW

Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashy Military Institute   FOLLOW

Turkmenistan Internal Affairs Ministry Institute       FOLLOW

Turkmenistan Military Academy  FOLLOW

Turkmenistan Military Institute    FOLLOW

Turkmenistan National Security Institute      FOLLOW

Turkmenistan Naval Institute        FOLLOW

Turkmenistan Police Academy     FOLLOW

Turkmenistan State Border Service Institute FOLLOW

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